What are the Benefits?

Performance improvement

Whole Body Cryotherapy has first been embraced by the athletic community since it boosts athletes’ performances and gives them that edge crucial for the win. However, besides enhancing physical readiness, it also speeds up the recovery process after intense workouts and breaks the cycle of chronic injuries.

By lowering your body temperature in a matter of 30 seconds, cryotherapy quickly lowers the amount of so-called post-exertional, pro-inflammatory chemicals, resulting in a drastic decrease of mandatory rest time. Also, prior to any competition, cryotherapy is quite beneficial to the inflammatory control systems and circulatory system, which allows measurable gains in aerobic endurance and muscle strength.


Extreme cold sends the body’s metabolic rate sky-high in order to produce heat. This effect will last 5 to 8 hours after the procedure, causing your body to burn around 300-600 calories. The results of whole body cryotherapy differs from person to person, but our guests have seen the following improvements:

Decrease in joint pain
Reduce inflammation
Edema management
Quicker recovery from injury
Jumpstart the immune, nervous, vascular, and lymphatic system
Relieves pregnancy back pain, muscle spasms, and cramps
Increase metabolism
Improved Sleep


Cryotherapy supports blood circulation and improves lymphatic drainage. As a result, the body detoxifies itself more easily. The treatment cleanses the skin and removes waste substances, making it appear younger. The metabolism is activated and the body burns calories.

The cold stimulus promotes the breakdown of collagen, to which the body responds by creating new collagen, which in turn increases the elasticity of the skin. Wrinkles are lessened, pores shrink, and the skin feels soft. The nails also become stronger.

The thyroid gland reacts positively to the cold stimulus. After 10 days of cryotherapy, cold showers or swimming in ice water, the body develops an insulation layer. The thyroid gland produces additional thyroxin, which mobilizes fatty acids, causing you to lose weight.

The cold also has a direct effect on the fatty tissue in our bodies. There are two types of fat: white fat cells that can be found mainly around the belly, butt and thighs, and brown fat cells that are responsible for the heating of our system. During a WBC session, the white fat cells are burnt as additional fuel for the heating of the body. In addition, the brown fat cells are stimulated to heat the body, without you having to exercise. This helps you to lose weight.

The cold can also contribute to slowing the aging process and to reducing the chance of developing diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases. The process also helps some women to fight cellulite.

D’Shawn Wright of Body By D, Inc. and Mr. Virginia Bodybuilding Champ talks about the benefits of cryotherapy for sports recovery.


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